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Chuck Baker

Chuck Baker's original music fractures folk, wrestles rock, brushes the blues and fights with funk. His performances are engaging and infectious and combine his percussive acoustic guitar style with clever, articulate vocals.

To really appreciate Chuck Baker is to see him play live. Chuck has opened for a long list of Canadian treasures including The Rheostatics, Catherine Wheatley, Wendell Ferguson, Craig Cardiff, The Silver Hearts, David Francey and Fred Eaglesmith.

In 2006, Baker released his first independent recording a little piece of quiet. Baker recently won first place in the 2006 Collingwood Live Songwriter's Showdown. Baker has also been a featured performer at the Orillia Folk Society's Diamonds in the Ruff songwriter's showcase series and Collingwood's Songwriter's Stage since 2003. Baker will play this season's Mariposa Folk Festival 2007, on July 6th, 7th, 8th in Orillia, Ontario.

Chuck Baker's music has been described as many things, but for Baker it's just being honest that counts. His long awaited first album a little piece of quiet is just that. It's an honest record. It's all about meaning it , he explains. Tom Waits, for instance when he sings the line I love you', he sells it because he means it. And what made Johnny Cash so great? He meant it. I choose my lyrics carefully, and I try to mean what I sing. I think we're all just trying to write good songs.

Chuck Baker is currently head of Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts and Music at Stayner Collegiate Institute in Stayner, Ontario.

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