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For a Year
Music and Lyrics: Chuck Baker

I'd say we were different from all of them
Yeah but they never had a gun on them
I don't suppose you brought me here to discuss
All those things that bother us

We'd set aside plenty of money for the living
And a descent burial for the dead
If you didn't really know me
You sure knew what went on in my head

For a long, long year

Drive way out past the warming barns
And the towers of gold and all the gray
We can't wait for the spring to brush off our frost
The early morning sun won't wait

We'll never have another time like this time of ours
When the world's so full of wonder and the wonderful is yours
Someday when the distance meets the sky
We'll dance in the colours there

You'd gladly pay me, you'd gladly pay
The 100 dollars they're paying me to play
If I took one more step, then you'd right the cheque
For the 100 dollars so I would just stay

Way down and out, down the 17 th line
Out where the rust is almost food
There's a special place for you and I
It can't be bad to feel this good

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