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Music for Depicting Fight Scenes, Riots, etc.

Why am I wasting time, thinkin' of some questions
To ask the man who's been thinkin' of the answers
Here he comes now to entice and seduce us
We'd better be civil, in case the man is Jesus.
How many capitals would he use to spell boom?
How many notes would I give it when sung?

He looked and he said well there goes a paintist,
There goes his puppeteer, here comes a poet and there goes a queer,
Gentlemen you're wondering why I've gathered you all here,
My congratulations on another good year.

NoMo PoMo they cried from the street
And the academic colonialist climbed to his feet
He pulled back the curtain and he gave the nod,
A few pops from the rooftops and they slaughtered the mob.

CH Under the pressure pin
Smile and just say you're in
I know who you represent
Please have my camera sent
Cause I don't want to miss this

Over the weekend and over some drinks
We'll round them all up, anyone who thinks
Gather up their poems, critique their paintings and all the tape
We'll pile it all up, seal it all in crates
Eight million years they've been pumping it out
Eight million more we'll be pumping it up.

Tell us a story dad before you take us to the mall
The one about the shotgun he loaded with his eyeballs
Yeah see my dad was a paintist, and his friend doctored trees
Back when making a difference was an occupational disease


They'll lock you in garret
Starve you, and drive you insane
Tomorrow they'll write a column about your budding pain
Fly down those tower steps and out into the rain
Grab a paper and flip some pages, start looking for your name
You can't miss it


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